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Lola is up for an Award!

10 September 2018

We’re excited to announce that our very own Lola Forester, the producer/broadcaster of Blackchat our flagship news, arts and culture program is a finalist for the award of Excellence in News & Current Affairs Programming at the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia Conference on the Gold Coast on November 10th. 

Lola’s program seeks to inform our Sydney audience (on Gadigal country) as well as its national audience (over the NIRS network) on a range of current issues important to First Nations people as well as non-First Nations people who wish to be informed about Indigenous news and culture that is lacking in mainstream media. A key feature of the program is that it celebrates the excellence of First Nations people across Australia.

Lola is a one person, full power, production house. She organises all her own interviews, sources her daily news stories, writes the scripts for her segments and selects all the music for her programs.

Blackchat broadcasts for 3 hours a day, Monday – Friday. It is uncompromising in its coverage of significant issues affecting First Nations People, whilst at the same time celebrating the successes of members of the community. Her program puts a spotlight on news and gives coverage that has depth and is not just a 10 second sound bite. On any given day you can hear in-depth interviews with politicians, activists, artists, authors, musicians, scientists, story tellers, healers, children, athletes, chefs, academics, lawyers, doctors, sailors, dignitaries, etc…

The list is literally as endless as it is refreshing and admirable in its breadth and scope.
We wish Lola heaps of luck!

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