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Broadcaster Profile – DJ Miss Hennessey

14 April 2016

Meet Koori Radio’s newest broadcaster, the host of The Blueprint Hip Hop & Soul Show, DJ Miss Hennessey.  Every Saturday night, Miss Hennessey will playing her selection of international and home grown hip hop tracks, along with interviews, hip hop culture discussion, and event and gig updates.  

Where were you born/grow up?

I was born in Johannesburg South Africa and moved to Sydney with my parents when I was 12 years-old. I grew up in Sydney’s Southern suburbs most of my life before marrying my American husband and living in Europe and America for a few years before moving back to Australia in 2011.
How did you get into radio?

I began my radio journey back in 1997 when I answered an ad in then street press magazine 3D World. The ad was looking for female radio presenters at community radio station 2RDJ 88.1FM in Burwood. I started my radio career doing a 2am to 4am dance/hip hop show on a Saturday morning ‘till I Ianded a prime time weekend spot of 4pm to 6pm for my popular RnB/hip hop show ‘Clubflavas’, which had a successful 10 year run at the station.
After I moved overseas and returned back to Australia I was blessed to be able to create a show under the www.ozurbanradio.com online radio banner for the past year and a half and that has been a great re-introduction for me with the digital radio world.
How long have you been broadcasting on Koori Radio?

This will be a long awaited and much anticipated return back to ‘big radio’ for me and I’m beyond excited and blessed to call Koori Radio my new home and hope the listeners will enjoy what ‘The Blueprint Hip Hop Soul Radio Show’ will provide.
What do you enjoy most about broadcasting?

I love being able to play a genre of music that isn’t always heard on commercial stations out here and shining a light on the local hip hop community.
Tell us about your program, what’s it all about?

The Blueprint Hip Hop Soul Show will be 80 % music, 10% live artist interview and 10% news, events and community info creating a fun, unique and fresh radio show experience for Koori Radio listeners. There will be the set ‘Blueprint Exclusive’ segment featuring either a hot new track, artist interview or DJ mix each week as well as the ‘Aussie Blueprint’ segment which will pay respect to our growing Australian artistry and just a great selection of music and information.

 Do you have any program highlights you’d like to mention?

There will be a new highlight added to the show and it will be called ‘Jay’s Sample Sessions’, which will feature my co-producer Jay presenting his own segment covering original racks with their remade samples, along with some old school cuts that are sure to inspire the listener.

 Outside of broadcasting, what are some of your interests?

I am a hip hop journalist and run my own blog page called ‘Ms Hennessey Speaks Blog’ (www.mshennesseyspeaksblog.com) which features a collection of intimate conversations with local and international personalities in hip hop and beyond. I capture their respective journeys and how they continue to inspire so many. I have spoken to everyone from Johnny Gill, SWV, Fat Joe and DJ Quik to local artists and DJ’s that really put our urban music community on the map. I also write for another awesome music site based in Sydney called Howl & Echoes (www.howlandechoes.com) as one of their feature hip hop writers. 

 What kind of music are you into? Favourite artists?

I am a hip hop/soul fan and love artists ranging from Jay Z, Nas, Rakim, KRS-One, Gangstarr, Kendrick Lamar, Dynasty & Queen Latifah to the alternative hip hop vibes of Foreign Exchange, Kev Brown, Dminor and soul favourites Jill Scott, Lalah Hathaway, Anthony Hamilton and Dwele to name a few.  

 Who is your favourite Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander artist/band?

I enjoy the sounds of Emma Donovan and Jess Mauboy is an awesome talent as well. I’m feeling Intro and Jimblah on the Hip Hop side of things too. It’s hard to pick just one and I am looking forward to discovering more Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander artists as my time at Koori Radio develops.

What was the first album you bought?

My first album bought was TLC’s first album ‘Ooh On The TLC Tip’, and I played it till it broke.

First gig you went to?

OMG mmmmm let me see – that would have to be Bobby Brown’s Australian Tour in 1989. Man he was fire on stage.

Last gig you went to?
Wasn’t a gig as such, more like an experience watching Kevin Hart break live comedy records in Sydney with his amazing stand up show ‘What Now’ back in February.


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